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If you are situated in a country within the EU where there exists an exclusive national distributor for Baader Planetarium products, we will gladly transmit your order to this local distributor to assure that you receive the product in the fastest way and with the lowest transportation costs. In this case we will notify you.

Please enter your order into the order-form below, using the Copy- and Paste-functions of Windows. Mark order number, description of the article and price of the relevant product with the cursor of your mouse on our website. Copy the marked section with the key-combination Control + C and insert it in the relevant space of the form with Control + V.

Several products from different subsections of the homepage may be inserted easily into the order form one after the other since the form opens in a separate Browser-window.

Alternatively, orders may be sent informally via Email.

In any case, please state your preferred / required mode of payment - see below:

Minimum order value:
10€ for shipments within the EU
30€ for shipments outside of the EU
Payment conditions for registered customers: In general delivery against open invoice.

Payment by Paypal: Delivery will be effected by UPS within EU-countries

Note: If you would like to pay via PayPal but are not yet a registered member at PayPal, please proceed as follows:

Go to and sign up to create a new account. As soon as you are logged in you can click onto "Send Money" to prepare a new transaction. Please fill in all fields thoroughly:
· In the field "Recipient's Email" please enter kontakt(at)
· Under "Type" please select "Goods (other)".
· Please list all items in the "Note" field.
· You should always make sure that you have chosen "Euros" as currency

Please excuse that we have to charge a small coverage for shipping and handling for
Baader/Celestron catalogues. This amounts to € 5,- within Germany and € 10,- within Europe. The
amount is payable via PayPal or money bank transfer after receipt of the catalogues. Alternatively,
you may send the corresponding amount in cash in a registered letter. Thank you for your

Delivery against open invoice - for registered customers only!

Payment conditions for new customers outside Germany
Order value below EUR 30,-
European Union (EU):
Delivery against open invoice
Delivery against PayPal Payment
Outside the EU:
Prepayment via bank money transfer
(after receipt of prepayment invoice)
(after receipt of payment-demand-note via email)
Order value EUR 30,- to 500,-
Prepayment via bank money transfer
(after receipt of prepayment invoice)
(after receipt of payment-demand-note via email)
Order value above EUR 500,-
Prepayment via bank money transfer
(after receipt of prepayment invoice)

Shipping charges:

Shipping charges depend upon the weight and volume of the shipment and type of forwarder
(UPS or DHL). Minimum charge: EUR 7,90-.
Note: UPS-shipment does include full transport insurance.

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