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  Description download pdf-file in englisch language webpage in german language
Complete list of Baader products, rates and prices in english language, divided by sections German language page
Complete pricing (in EUR) of 10Micron GM 2000 and GM 4000 mounts and accessories (not available at this time, please try later) German language page
Data sheet with complete description of the 10Micron GM4000QMI mount

German language page
Detailed description and operating manual about BAADERS Multi Purpose Coma Corrector (MPCC) for both, photographic and visual observations German language page
How to change your Canon-DSLR Camera-Body into a real Astro-DSLR German language page
Baader Upgrade Service for Canon DSLR Cameras with Baader ACF (Astro Conversion Filter) English language page
Baaders Maxbright Binoviewer, complete description

Baader Maxbright Bino Viewer, Instruction Manual

German language page
Baader´s Mark V Binocluar Viewer with diopter adjustment German language page
Baaders Hyperion Oculars, usuable for multi purposes, incl. as ocular for afocal projections for heavy digital- and video cameras. Complete description

Part I: pdf-file with a graphical overview with all combinations for visual use
Part II: pdf-file with a graphical overview with all combinations for photographic use

US, Canada and Mexico dealers for Baader Hyperion Eyepieces
German language page
Brief description and possible applications of the Baader Hyperion Eyepieces and the Baader Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Eyepiece

US, Canada and Mexico dealers for Baader Hyperion Eyepieces
German language page
The Baader Blaze Grating/Spektrograph - Getting started German language page
Instruction manual for the Baader Blaze Grating/Spektrograph German language page
DADOS ® Spectrograph
60pages Instruction manual
German language page
Several informations about the BAADER Space
  available from the german pages
General Summary of Baader 1¼" und 2" Filter for visuell-, ccd-, webcwam- and photographic applications section 37 A
section 38
section 39
section 40
section 41
section 42
section 43 A
section 43 B
section 43 C
section 43 D
section 44
Data sheets with complete description for BAADER´s Fringe Killer Filter in diameter 1¼" and 2" German language page
Data sheets with complete description for BAADER UV-IR-Cut, Neodymium Moon&Skyglow, Contrast Booster and Premium colored set of 1¼" filters German language page
Detailed Informations and technical Data about Baader´s AstroSolar™ Safety- and Turbo Film

General information and ordering page in english language
German language page
Results of Zygo Interometric Measurments of Baader´s AstroSolar™ Safety- and Turbo Film German language page
Constructing a Solar Filter for Binoculars with Baader Astro Solar Film™
German language page
List of International Distributors for Baader´s AstroSolar™ Safety- and Turbo Film not availble
BAADER´s Optical Wonder Fluid German language page
Baader´s CaF2 - Fluorid Flatfield Converter™ (Basic information)
German language page
More Informations about Baader´s Fluorid Flatfield Converter™ (FFC) German language page
FFC - Standard Combinations German language page
The FFC complete system (CCD, photographic and visual use) German language page
FFC - focal distances German language page
Baader´s OPFA-Systems for eyepiece projection German language page
H-alpha narrow and ultranarrow bandpass filters for observing the solar chromosphere

German language page
Baader´s Herschel-wedge for solar observations (complete system) German language page
Information about the Safe Use of our Herschel Wedge for WightLight Solar Observations German language page
Baader´s famous Astro T2-System™ - to connect (nearly) everything with all German language page
more pdf-files with technical informations concerning Baader products (in english language)