Baader Planetarium has reorganized the complete Webstructure for Baader accessories. Baader filter can be find now in Sektionen 37 A (Baader ERF Filter, Solar obs.), 38 (Polfilter), 39 (Greyfilter), 40 (Colorfilter for planetary obs.), 41 (Contrast), 42 (Deep Sky visuell), 43A-D (Deep Sky photographic use, Band- und CCD Filter) und 44 (special filters, e.g. Baader U-filter)

If you are looking about the Baader filter, which are described in the publications of Prof.Dr. Jörg Piper
  • "RGB Splitting and Multi - Shot Techniques in digital Photomicrography - Utilization of Astronomic RGB Filters in true color Imaging" and
  • "Multicolor Contrast Effects by Monochromatic Astronomic Filters - Utilization in Light Microscopy an Photomicrographie"

both published in Microscopy Today, you´ll find the description of the filters now in the following Sections:

RGB Filter and Filtersets in Section 43 C
Narrowband O-III, H-Beta, H-alpha and S-II Filters and Filtersets in Section 43 D
K-Line and Solar Continuum Filters in Section 37 A.

 Sehr geehrte Kunden: Die Firma Baader Planetarium hat das komplette Baader Zubehör auf der Website neu strukturiert. Baader Farbfilter finden Sie ab sofort in den Sektionen 37 A(Baader ERF Filter), 38 (Polfilter), 39 (Graufilter), 40 (Farbfilter), 41 (Kontrast), 42 (Deep Sky visuell), 43A-D (Deep Sky fotografisch, Linien- und CCD Filter) und 44 (Spezielle Filter)

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